Sage and the Arcane Order 2

ELEVATION: Intergalacticka Magicka Fantasticka

Book 2 has Sage off and flying!

Intergalacticka! In Simon’s spacecoupe The Lady Marmalade, for a trip to his amazing secret hotel, The Galatrixium. Perched atop the highest mountain on the Moon. A flight that catapults her life out of orbit. A blitzkrieg across the Universe in Dacha’s star yacht, to the stealth planet of Keplus, to see Rosemary. Who is still under protective detail.

Magicka! For more of Sage’s early training is revealed. With a clandestine trip to fabled Foundry Minor, where she learns why Simon has been pushing her so hard. Fantasticka! A plunge into one of the rarest trials in the Arcane Order, atop the back of her sister, now fused with the family housecat, all twenty-five feet of her!

Fun and adventure. Magic and whimsy. Friendship and sisterhood.

The essence of Sage’s epic introduction to the Arcane Order, exploding into motion in Book 2 of the ELEVATION TRILOGY, from the Sage and the Arcane Order Pentatrix series.

Where can I find ELEVATION: Intergalacticka Magicka Fantasticka?

In ebook format, it is currently available in the Kindle Store on Amazon, on Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store, on iTunes, and at Kobo. Below are links that will take you to the site and format of your choice. We will be expanding to the remainder of the other shopfronts in the future.

In print format, trade paperbacks are available through an ever expanding list of bookshops and online retailers. If your local bookstore doesn’t have Intergalacticka Magicka Fantasticka in stock, they can order it for you from their Ingram catalog.

Signed print versions will be available soon, available at select bookshops and through the home storefront for all things Arcane: The Archivistan Outpost on Gaia Prime. The outpost will be opening in the fall of 2017, but signed editions will be available through this website soon to bridge the gap.

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