Sage and the Arcane Order 1

ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending

Could you keep Earth’s biggest secret, even from your family and closest friends, if the fate of the Universe depended on it?

Sage has been keeping that incredible secret from everyone, almost her entire life. For she’s been in training with the most powerful Mage in the Universe. Learning the forces cosmic, and bending their incredible powers to her will.

A skillset she will need. Desperately.
If she’s to help rescue her mentor from the other side of reality.
Not the typical afterschool job, for the typical Earth teenager.

But, Sage, is not the typical Earth teenager. Not by a longshot.

The Sage and the Arcane Order Series is Science Fiction, Fantasy, Space Opera, and Female Empowerment, all wrapped inside one epic tale.

A girl from Earth, admitted into the most powerful secret society in the Universe. Full of galaxy hopping Mages and star yachts, magnificent creatures great and small, and a bond between mentor and student like no other. All thrown into motion, and chaos, when a war erupts against the ancient demonworld, and forces an event that could turn the very fabric of existence inside out.

Can this youngest member, in amongst great and immortal companions, offer anything to this rarefied group? Of course. For she carries with her Earth’s secret weapon. Her humanity.

Where can I find ELEVATION: Cosmic Girl Ascending?

In ebook format, it is currently available in the Kindle Store on Amazon, on Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store, on iTunes, and at Kobo. Below are links that will take you to the site and format of your choice. We will be expanding to the remainder of the other shopfronts in the future.

In print format, trade paperbacks are available through an ever-expanding list of bookshops and online retailers. If your local bookstore doesn’t have Cosmic Girl Ascending in stock, they can order it for you from their Ingram catalog.

Signed print versions will be available soon, available at select bookshops and through the home storefront for all things Arcane: The Archivistan Outpost on Gaia Prime. The outpost will be opening in the fall of 2017, but signed editions will be available through this website soon to bridge the gap.

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