How To Leave A Review

Leaving reviews are an easy way to say Thank You to an author.

At the same time, positive reviews may be the final push a browsing reader needs to take a plunge on a new author.
Reviews are also key in prompting Amazon to throw some extra promotional push into the book. That’s why reviews are way more important than most readers realize.

Even the short and sweet reviews go a long ways.
Here’s a quick video that demonstrates how painless the process is:
Click the image below to start!

Here’s a short tutorial on how to go about it.
Navigate to the page, hopefully you have a link from the author right to the page.
This Amazon Review link goes directly to the starting point.
If the book is new, it might not have a review yet.
In the photo below, notice under the author’s name (Sean O’Donnell, in blue) is a blue “Be the first to review this item.”
Click on that sentence.
It will load a page with your recent purchases, with the book at the top.
You will see five gray stars. If you hover over them with your mouse, the first star will say “I hate it” – that is for the dreaded one star review. Only dreaded because it looks horrible, when in fact, almost all of them left are bogus.
The number of stars drift up past “I don’t like it”, “It was okay”, “I like it”, to five stars stating that “you loved it.” Again, some of those are also bogus, but the reviewer wants to see the author do well, and compared to some of the over books out there getting five star ratings, it is better. Most people review higher for that reason. And that is perfectly acceptable to the author!
So, pick your star rating and click it. The stars turn golden and a box pops up for you to leave your review.
You can keep it short and sweet.
You can make it long and detailed.
It’s all good, because reviews matter a tremendous amount, and any size, shape or form is going to help the book, and author, TONS! Like for real.
Especially to leave the first review to get things rolling.
If the book has reviews, even one, then you will find the option to leave a review near the bottom of the page with all the other reviews. There will be a gray button saying “Write a customer review.” Same deal from there.
If you were given a review copy, or bought the book somewhere else, you can still leave a review, as long as you have an amazon account.
Literally, can be done in less than a minute. It can also make the difference between someone who is browsing and interested, and deciding to buy the book to read, or shrugging and deciding to maybe come back later. And few rarely do.
So, there’s your guide on how easy it is to leave a review. Reading this, will take twice as long as doing the review!
And you get eternal thanks, sweet mojo, and bonus karma points galore!