The Dacha Trove 1

Dacha Rising

What would you do if you stumbled on to the brazen kidnapping of newborn twins of two of the Arcane Order’s most powerful members?

And found a pack of Graylish mercenaries, with a mighty fire demon leading the attack?

If you’re Dacha Mandlebrot, young Mage of the Order extraordinaire, you leap blindly into action. Headfirst, into the opening foray of a battle, half an epoch in the making.

Little does she know, the beast has stolen some of the Arcane Order’s most closely guarded, and most powerful, secrets. And decides to try them out on her, nearly killing her in the process.

She’s determined to make the creature wish he had finished her off when he had the chance. For payback…is her middle name.

Two mighty battles. Against an ancient and diabolical enemy. Catapult our heroine toward legendary heights. A thrilling series of adventures! A defining moment! Not just for the Arcane Order, but for its brightest rising star!

This standalone Dacha origin story, brings another facet of the Arcane Universe to life. In nail-biting, page-turning fashion. Bam!

Lots of familiar and favorite faces, from the Sage and the Arcane Order series, showing how the Arcane Order responds when one of their own is in need. A must-read for fans of the series.

Where can I find DACHA RISING?

In ebook format, it is currently available in the Kindle Store on Amazon, on Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store, on iTunes, and at Kobo. Below are links that will take you to the site and format of your choice. We will be expanding to the remainder of the other shopfronts in the future.

In print format, trade paperbacks are available through an ever expanding list of bookshops and online retailers. If your local bookstore doesn’t have The Rosa Bianca in stock, they can order it for you from their Ingram catalog.

Signed print versions will be available soon, available at select bookshops and through the home storefront for all things Arcane: The Archivistan Outpost on Gaia Prime. The outpost will be opening in the fall of 2017, but signed editions will be available through this website soon to bridge the gap.

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